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Remember that online fundraiser to build a pro-LGBT billboard in the Westboro Baptist Church’s hometown? It worked. Feast your eyes on the “God Loves Gays” billboard, standing proud in Topeka, Kansas for all to see. If any additional funding comes through, it will be used for bus ads in Topeka, donations to LGBT youth organizations, and possibly a similar billboard in Utah. Bless. (via the Huffington Post)

This actually got me laughing out loud (not easy to do) bravo, bravo!

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Anonymous asked: how is that homophobic? i have gay friends and support them all the way, but i don't believe in gay marriage.



your gay friends are all talking shit behind your back 100%

Yeah, you support them all the way.. We’ll most of the way.. We’ll some of the way.. Clearly not as far as marriage.. Cause marriage ain’t for gays.. Or something

I always have a problem with the sort of attitude shown by the OP… to me the right to marry the person you love is a fundamental human right. It’s not a matter of religion for me, the concept of marriage is older than any major religion around today, it’s the right to be able to make that deep personal commitment to another person

So it boils my blood to see someone claim to support gay ‘friends’ but still want to deny the self same friend this human right.

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xaran-alamas asked: This isn't really an ask but just wanted to say I just finished an archive binge of Monster Pop and I'm really enjoying it! :D *Follows your blog* Though I was wondering if it might be possible to add some kind of marker in the archive next to the pages with music? I wasn't able to listen to the music when I was reading but would like to when I can ^^. Thanks for the fun comic!



unfortunately i am not good enough at coding to make that happen. instead, please just refer to this post! so far the special pages are: 54, 96, 142, 145, and 164. of those, 54, 142 and 164 are music pages (96 and 145 are animated).

Thanks! :) *Bookmarks post*

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